-will obtain current information about traffic and road works on adjacent road network belonging to other road operators

Constant development of road network in the country contributes to traffic growth and thus to events associated with it, what affects all roads regardless of who manages them. The current lack of ongoing cooperation between road administrators in the field of transmission of information on difficulties additionally intensifies problems with efficient events management on the roads. In this situation, current information on traffic and road events obtained thanks to NAP constitutes real support for road administrators in managing traffic and these events. Thanks to that, it will be possible, among others, to mark out traffic diversions that would be least harmful for both the environment, and drivers, to ensure safe passage of pedestrians, to take over the traffic in the case of mass sport or cultural events. Information about traffic conditions can be transferred automatically thanks to DATEX 2 protocol, as a consequence of which time for making the right decisions faster and launching appropriate actions will be saved. In this way, NAP will provide compatibility between different road administrators' systems.