The National Access Point (NAP)

The project of building the National Access Point providing data on traffic conditions (the NAP) is one of projects implemented under The National Traffic Management System program, jointly prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. The aim of the project is to provide travellers with credible information about traffic difficulties roads in Poland, as well as in selected EU countries, through an international exchange of data between, systems similar to the NAP. Exchange of information between road managers in Poland, and abroad will improve coordinated national and international traffic management and provide reliable real-time information. The NAP include transferring data on traffic conditions and parking availability. This project is the first stage of implementation of the so-called "single window" that will enable both public administration bodies and Service and /or Application Providers obtain real-time nationwide information on traffic difficulties.
Road administrators at all administrative levels, emergency services and commercial suppliers and data recipients are direct recipients of project results. The data will be indirectly transferred by the entities mentioned above to travellers, increasing comfort and safety of travel. In order to meet the expectations of roads managers who do not have advanced traffic management systems and do not automatically collect real-time information about traffic difficulties, the GDDKiA will implement an application, that will visualize a map of all traffic difficulties, added both automatically and manually.
All components of the NAP will be implemented in the service model with the location of devices ensuring continuity of operations and IT security for Data Processing Centre. All created applications will be available through a web browser, using cloud computing technology.

The National Access Point (NAP) 2  

The Project NAP 2 will fulfil the requirements of the Delegated Regulation No 2015/962 on providing EU-wide information services concerning real-time traffic information including:

  •  Statistical data on roads (including, the course of the road, the number of traffic lanes, junctions, the classification of the roads, a list toll roads),
  •  Selected elements of the traffic organisation projects (plans for traffic diversion, marking),
  •  Data on toll stations (location of the toll stations, methods of payment),
  • The extended range of information about traffic difficulties