-will obtain credible information about the difficulties what will allow them fast access to those in need of help

NAP will streamline operational work of emergency services in the field of event handling, in particular road events.
It will be possible to specify the location of the road event precisely and send survival craft through the operational centre of emergency ambulance service. It is particularly important in a situation when a person notifying the event on a country road is able to specify only a number and a kilometer of the road. The emergency service dispatcher - who does not have access to the system containing road chainage – is often unable to send an ambulance to the right place of event. Cooperation with NAP will also eliminate cases when people taking part in event, who are usually emotional, are not able to give specific information concerning their location.
NAP will also facilitate creation of rescue corridors that allow emergency vehicles passage without waiting for unobstructed road and without evasive action manoeuvres of standing vehicles. This will allow saving valuable time that may be of critical importance in life-threatening situations.