To register, fill out one of the registration forms Download registration form.

The completed registration form (scan or in the format available on the website attached to an e-mail) should be sent via e-mail to: Email to GDDKiA or by post to the following address: Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad ul. Wronia 53, 00-874 Warszawa

By using e-mail address given in the registration form depending on which registration you apply for:

  • User Registration in the NAP (KPD),
  • Data Provider /Receiver Registration in the NAP (KPD).

You will receive:

  • for the application for registration of Data Provider /Data Receiver /only a notification about registration of Entity in the NAP is generated. When the entity is registered in the NAP he or she may apply for user registration. The Entity itself does not have any regulatory powers to login in the NAP (KPD).
  • for the application for registration of user (without access to API) an email will be sent (with a login and a link for resetting the password), after receiving of link to change the password, one should click on this link and set a password for application. After changing the password the user logs in by entering an e-mail address (used at registration) and a password that he/she previously created.
  • for the application for registration of user (with access to API) three e-mails will be sent: the first e-mail will confirm that a separate email will be sent containing access data certificate to the test environment, a link to confirm the completion of the communication exchange tests, as well as a link to the schedule the communication exchange tests,
  • the second e-mail will contain a link to the test platform and test certificate,
  • in the third e-mail you will receive a product certificate and an access activation link (the third e-mail will be sent only if the user clicks on the link confirming that the communication exchange test have been completed.

The purpose of the communication exchange test is to check if everything has been properly configured and if is you are ready to exchange information with the NAP. The schedule of tests.

In order to recover your password, please contact the GDDKiA - Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways) by using Contact form. The password can be changed / recovered only by the contact person of the company (a person indicated at the time of registration of the company). The following data should be provided in the contact form:

  • Name of Entity – Employer - Company
  • Full name (of a person for whom the password is to be generated),
  • e-mail address (of person for whom the password is to be generated).